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            Climate Action Now Act Won't Happen Any Time Soon

            After a few emotionally-charged floor statements and passage in the House, this bill won’t go anywhere.

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            No, Ilhan Omar, Socialism Caused Venezuela’s Devastation, Not the US

            Omar is in good company with Russia and China, but they are no company to keep.

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            What We Learned at the House Hearings on Medicare for All

            Medicare for All sounds good until you see its high price tag and consider the implications it would have on the quality and access to health care.

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            Two Truths and a Lie: School Discipline Reform

            Can you guess which of these three statements about school discipline is not true?

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            Nick Gillespie on the Moral Aspects of Free College

            The moral certitude of Senator Warren and other advocates of free college is glaringly obvious. What is the counter-argument?

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            Could a Handshake Ban Be Coming to Your Workplace?

            A one-size-fits-all approach won’t solve all problems but can trigger other ones.

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            Should Conservatives Continue to Embrace Criminal Justice Reform?

            A focus on rehabilitation should ultimately lead to a former inmate finding a job and contributing to the economy again...

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            Paycheck Fairness Act makes workplaces less flexible and fair

            Via Chicago Tribune

            by Hadley Heath

            Imagine a world where any difference in pay could be grounds for a lawsuit, even if the pay disparity was warranted by different work arrangements...

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            A tale of two rollouts: Tone-deaf Joe Biden vs. patriotic Seth Moulton

            Via Washington Examiner

            by Jennifer C. Braceras

            I used to think of former Vice President Joe Biden as the Democratic Party’s best hope to beat President Trump in 2020...

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            Childhood obesity is more complicated than sugary drinks

            Via Washington Examiner

            by Julie Gunlock

            Childhood obesity can’t be blamed on one thing. Many factors affect a child’s health: sleep, screen time, family habits, etc. Socioeconomic factors and cultural norms also play a role...

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            Why Sticking Everyone's College Debt to Future Taxpayers is Stupid and Immoral

            Via The Federalist

            by Inez Feltscher Stepman

            The biggest losers of Elizabeth Warren's 'free college' plan will be poor, working-class Americans, and it's only bloated universities that stand to gain...

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            Trump Should Counter North Korea's $2 Million Bill for Otto Warmbier with an Invoice from the American People

            Via PJ Media

            by Claudia Rosett

            Are there any limits to the greed, audacity and multivalent evils of North Korea's Kim regime?..

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            Trump Should Look to Private Sector for Federal Reserve Board Nominees ? Coast to Coast

            Fraud Against the American People ? Hannity

            Every Aspect of the Economy is Thriving From Jobs, Wages, To Taxes? Fox & Friends First


            Dems Use Impeachment for Fundraising, While Most Americans Don't Want to Hear It ? Diane Jones Show ? Listen >>>

            Free College for Everyone! ? Problematic Women ? Listen >>>

            Via The Daily Signal

            Patrice Onwuka on Plastic Bag Bans, Net Neutrality and Michelle Obama ? Americhicks ? Listen >>>


            Where Are the Socially Conservative Women in This Fight?

            Via New York TImes

            by Kristin A. Shapiro

            The American family needs defending and right now men are leading the charge...

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            Professors, scholars call on Congress to punish schools that fail to protect speech

            Via The College Fix

            by Carrie L. Lukas

            ‘Higher education is at a crisis point, and Congress must act’...

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            Empowering Women in North Carolina

            Via Network of Enlightened Women

            by Inez Feltscher Stepman

            Keynote speaker, Inez Feltscher, started off the second half of the forum with media training...

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